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"Two things are Infinite: The Universe and Human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe"

"Two things are Infinite: The Universe and Human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe" - Albert Einstein

Yes I chose a quote from a specific person this time. I feel political and I apologize if anyone is offended.

It is November and the trees are leafless and the yards are now littered......with political advertising. Vote for this person, say yes to that amendment, no to the other one. Neighbors wear their political views on their doorsteps. Only during this time in the voting season can you get a hint of who believes like you do and who does not, it's as close as your going to get to a sign on their forehead.

I like to see this. I appreciate people standing up for something. I have a few issues I see that my heart leaps into. In my area one is an "affordable healthcare" amendment. The argument is that the healthcare people can afford does nothing to give them the care they actually need. I feel strongly about this amendment, being someone who had to file bankruptcy last year due in large part to not having insurance for two years because it was not offered by employers and we couldn't afford it privately. Add in two young children and we discharged bills for three ear infections, two cases of strep throat, one set of stitches, one asthma attack, two sinus infections, and one ambulance ride and accompanying E.R. visit. that totaled almost $5000. Once we had insurance we paid 38% of our income to it and still had a $2500 per year family deductible. Yes, fair and affordable healthcare is a big issue for me.

Another referendum is the question to re-instate the death penalty in Wisconsin. Once I started doing my research I found out it costs more to put someone to death than it does to have them spend their life in prison. Wisconsin was the first state to abolish it.

The other hot button issue for me this year is a bid to amend the CONSTITUTION of the state of Wisconsin to BAN gay marriage. It is unnecessary to change the constitution to reflect this as it is already illegal in this state. It flat out tramples on the rights of any gay person and opens the door to allow the courts and law enforcement to additionally harass the GLBT population. I have discussed this issue with many in my congregation (which includes our Buddhist, lesbian minister) and no one here has even thought about the ramifications to polyamorous families.

I am currently in the process of getting a divorce. My soon to be ex-husband has a girlfriend who is married. Now, I don't have the highest regards for any of the three of them, but they don't even realize that if this passes it will mean that if anything happens to my ex and he is hospitalized, that I, me, His ex-wife, will be the only one allowed into the hospital to see him, to decide his fate if he is brain dead. This change to the constitution would mean that survivor benefits can only go to legal spouses and children, medical care decisions will not be allowed to be made by "girl/boy friends, life partners, roommates, etc."

I know I live in an area not populated by idiots, there have been ads on TV stating "I don't believe it is right to be gay, but they haven't hurt me, why should we hurt them". It is one of my favorite sets of political ads right now. I wish more people would have the black and white "vote NO" signs and less of the yellow "ONE man and ONE woman" signs.

The breadth of human stupidity is mind numbing. The fact that people who preach "equality" and "turning the other cheek" can so easily condemn someone else to the fire and brimstone. That those who say "People say I am loving and giving and caring" can then turn around and accuse someone of being mentally ill when they say "I don't need your help". People who say they are "one with god" and then will tell someone they deserved to be treated badly because they don't feel the same way.

I wrote everything in this article a couple of weeks before the elections, I am writing of the results now.

The county healthcare referendum passed but less than half the people voted on it. there are 150,000 people in this county. The reinstatement of the death penalty passed with 67% voting YES. The constitutional amendment to ban all non traditional marriages has passed with only 31% voting NO.

I know these were state referendums, but honestly I am so thoroughly disgusted by these results that I almost want to cry.

I live in a state driven by cheese and beer.

I agree with Albert, Human stupidity is infinite, We don't know about the universe (I am agnostic after all).

But Don't quote me on that.

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AlmostFLYin2; November 9, 2006


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