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Where is absolute truth??

I posted a new topic in the forum a few weeks ago entitled, "So What Do You Believe, Anyway?" A portion of the response from Maya was: Not to be simplistic, but isn't everything relative, isn't everything "interpretation"?  ... and therefore, the proof in the pudding, as they say? Such a response had an interesting correlation to a series of questions that had been plaguing me all month. I believe that absolute truth does exist and it is not relative or subject to interpretation. The challenge for me is how does one find TRUTH within the most complex of issues? It is especially well hidden when mankind has decided to determine it for himself.

I once asked my mentor where the "line" was on a specific business practice. I didn’t want to do anything morally wrong much less illegal, but I had some ideas on how to capitalize on a market that I thought had some potential. He told me the story of guards being interviewed to protect the queen. They were each asked the question, “if you had to carry your queen along a path near a deep ravine, how close to the cliff could you walk and still keep her from harm?” The first few said “I am strong enough to get within a couple of feet and she would be safe” and “I could get within inches and she would have nothing to fear.” The correct answer was “My Lord, why would I ever take my queen near the edge? I would keep her as far away as possible.” I feel that this is what people do when they try to interpret the “line” for themselves. If you use your own discernment for what is true or proper, that doesn’t work. One person can disagree with another or even within themselves from day to day. Little is more relative than how something seems or feels. I’m glad our laws are not merely based on someone’s “gut feelings”.

The question still remains, where is absolute truth? When a devout Christian engages in business or a relationship with other devout Christians, there is an expectation that each person holds themselves to a biblical standard. The Bible is used as a plumb line to direct their activities. Working within such guidelines creates a standard that allows us to travel further, live longer, and be more at peace. Imagine the difference between driving in the desert in a dune buggy compared to traveling on an open freeway. You are more limited on your choices on the freeway, but can travel much faster with piece of mind because of all of the guidelines and rules are in place.

Due to all the fanatical things that have been done under the banner of “Christianity”, I have to be careful using certain terms like “fundamental.” I call myself fundamental because I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. I find that it does interpret itself with in-depth study. Many “fundamentals” have made misinterpretations that drive their behavior in misguided directions. There is a quote by Martin Luther that speaks volumes to me.
"Learn from me, how difficult a thing it is to throw off errors confirmed by the example of all the world, and which, through long habit, have become a second nature to us".
I can’t assume that others have studied God’s word and interpreted it correctly, so I must examine my beliefs with an open mind. I like to research topics from all view points to gain an understanding of an issue. Absolute truth can be well hidden. Every article I find has some bias. The ones that quote verifiable “facts” turn out to be older references that are just quoting older biased arguments. The line is very blurred. I’m trying to determine if each of these is God’s word, truth, correct opinion, historical fiction, lies, or outright slander. The problem is, any fact you encounter could be any of the above descriptors.

Additionally, human nature will take what one wants to believe and then find “facts” to back it up. The best debaters can always argue both sides. The really good ones can even convince themselves. Have I argued myself in a circle here? Does absolute truth exist? How do you determine if something is true, good, or moral? If not the Bible, what else can anyone hold up as a means of judging such things? Just as our constitution guides our country, what is worthy of guiding one’s life? These are the questions I ask myself as I determine the compatibility between Christianity and Polyamory in my life.

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Mr. Big; August 12, 2006


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