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Venus10-11-2006 08:32 [E,W]
Truth is found in intellectual dialogue and debate. I think every person has something to add to the discussion, even those that think differently from me. Truth is accumulated in bits and pieces--and if we keep our hearts and minds and eyes open wide enough, we will eventually know the truth. And it will make us free!
alan08-12-2006 04:40 [E,W]
> The challenge for me is how does
> one find TRUTH

You form a hypothesis, and then you test it against observations; then you modify the hypothesis according to what you have determined, and devise a way to test it again. You may find you're in a dead end, that the whole idea is false. Or eventually, if you're on the right track, you'll find an absolute truth that, once known, remains true universally for all time. Something truly new under the sun -- such as that materials are made of atoms, or that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, or that certain other stars have certain planets.

Human affairs are notoriously trickier, because they are so complex and chaotic. ("Chaotic" meaning any situation where tiny causes have large effects.) But human notions and assumptions are also very often testable.

> Little is more relative than how
> something seems or feels.

Exactly. This is why you test to find facts.

> [Truth] is especially well hidden
> when mankind has decided to
> determine it for himself.

No, that is the only way it is found. You're deciding to look for truth yourself even if you've decided to look for it in the Bible (as opposed to the Koran, the Upanishads...).

On the Bible:

> The Bible is used as a plumb line
> to direct their activities. Working
> within such guidelines creates a
> standard that allows us to travel
> further, live longer, and be more
> at peace.

Interpretations of the Bible's rules for life are completely and pathetically culturally determined -- and have changed wildly countless times. For a long spell of European history, the most important plumb line in the Bible was "You shall not suffer a witch to live." Observant Jews structure their daily lives around very explicit micromanaging laws in the Old Testament that the rest of us ignore without batting an eye. To many Christians right now, the denunciation by Leviticus of homosexuality is the most pressing issue of the day, but they ignore his equally serious denunciation in the same breath of wearing cloth made of two types of fabric, The mixing of cotton and polyester does not sway American elections. (Incidentally, in Leviticus's time and place, homosexuality and wearing fancyh clothes were equally signs of a corrupt ruling class; that's what he was getting at.)

> I find that it does interpret
> itself....


> ...with in-depth study.

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