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Dear Aunt Poly,

I've been at my current job for about three months now, and I am thinking about telling my boss about my poly relationship. I think I can trust her with this information. The problem, though, is that she has a lot of girlfriends in the company and I'm afraid she might tell someone without meaning to. Should I take a chance and tell her, or just keep it to myself?

Closeted in the Chesapeake

Dear Closeted,

Your question leaves Aunt Poly to ask... Why in blue blazes would you want to tell your boss?

Are you planning for the whole world to know ??

In all seriousness... the choice to take even a tiny step out of the closet is in truth a huge step. Before telling anyone, much thought needs to be given and you, as well as your partners, need to decide "why" the person needs this information from you.

Once it has been given it can not be taken back. No matter the amount of confidentiality you impart to the receiver, once the information is out, you no longer have control of what happens to it.

Auntie P

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