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Dear Aunt Poly,

My daughter is 11 and she has always been an only child. When I met my boyfriend and girlfriend they had a daughter the same age and a son 4. The girls hit it off perfectly and have been the best of friends until recently. We all moved in together in May and now they are continually fighting. I mean always. They would fight over the value of a nickel if we let them. We are stumped at what we should do. Let them fight or step between them.

Frustrated Mom

Dear Frustrated Mom,
Aunt Poly can fully understand your frustration but sometimes you just have to let those kids find their pecking order, especially if they are close in age. When all else has failed throw them outside gosh darn it and tell them For-the-Love-of-Canasta!!!!! Just get it over with so that we & you can move on to more important things
While they’re hashing out their troubles you go and get a glass of your favorite drink and read a book in eyeball distance to make sure there is no blood shed whilst they learn to deal. You probably need the break anyway.
Aunt Poly

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