Old Dog, New Tricks
by Somerset

Somerset is a man in his seventies who has only recently begun to search for compatible women for open relationships. He prefers sexual variety and treasures his independence. This series, Polyamorous Possibilities, is the sequel to his Potentially Polyamorous series exploring open relationships. Both this series as well as the first one are archived for reference.

One of the most fascinating things happens when I open the doors of perception, when I stop living a mundane life and consider new and different possibilities; start developing new ways of seeing. Suddenly I’m flooded with information and with opportunities, often more than I’m able to assimilate easily, and feel provoked to enter into some new experience. In short, I’m learning to learn and to grow.

My most recent example of this began only four months ago, when I started to examine polyamory and to find I like much of what I discovered. Within a matter of days I found a lover who has gently but comprehensively led me into an experience of that lifestyle. What have I learned from and with Shirley that I may choose to take with me into any additional sexual relationships that I may have?