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Rhianon01-31-2007 11:40 [E,W]
Christianity is changing. More and more the "laws" and "rules" are being challenged and found to be more open to interpretation. Each idea builds on the next. As we, as a community grow, it is only important to remember that the end result that is desired always seems to be - be good to yourself, to your neighbor, to the wonders that have been given to you. This is the only truth that never changes.
I have found that to be the underlying foundation to my faith. Having that has allowed me to fit my faith and the needs of my soul into the same space. The world of thought seems to be expanding and growing. It is discussions and articles such as these that can and will lead the way. Please keep writing.
Alan01-31-2007 10:12 [E,W]
> On the other hand, I am keenly aware
> of my ability to rationalize a
> situation to a point where white
> is black and up is down.

This can make smart people dumber than dumb people. For instance, I read that in Korea it was found that high-IQ prisoners of war were more susceptible to brainwashing that low-IQ prisoners -- who never lost track of the fact that "these are just enemies yelling at me.")

> Unfortunately, I canít tell the
> difference when it is happening.

So sometimes ya gotta trust your gut. If it *feels* right or wrong, your intuition (your vast array of subconscious information-processing and judgment-making) is telling you something you shouldn't ignore. Studies have shown that gut hunches turn out to be correct more often that intellectual evidence-weighing, when the two conflict with each other and when a clear outcome eventually shows which was best.

Personally, I think that you have discovered an aspect of Christian agape rarely understood since apostolic times, and that you have a mission ahead accordingly.

I mean it. You know I take my religion metaphorically rather than literally (in fact I call taking metaphor literally "the Fundamentalist Error" -- like taking the saying "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched" to mean farmers should be forbidden to count eggs) -- but I do mean it.
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