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12-23-2006 14:51 [E,W]
> I am a Preterist. I will let you
> google this to your hearts content

I just did. What an interesting idea! I'll have to read more, but not now-- we're packing for a trip "over the river and through the woods" to the family Xmas.

Cheers, and thanks always for your intelligent discussion. Hugs to all the family.
emily12-22-2006 08:48 [E,W]
Thank you for sharing this Mr. Big 8) I learned something new (I did indeed google to my heart's content). I enjoy repectful discourse about religion and belief. A friend of mine who is a strong Christian sometimes talks about the sadness she feels observing the artificial world some of her devout friends live in, she says it is as if by denying the things that make them uncomfortable or raise questions they feel they are better Christians... that idea makes me as sad as it makes her... and I am a Pagan... aniwho thanks again gonna stay off the soapbox in the comments 8) -emily
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