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Chris06-20-2007 00:36 [E,W]
Glad to see a fellow believer coming to this issue with clarity. I am excited to learn more.
Jasmine07-16-2006 15:27 [E,W]
Thanks for tackling an important topic. Your experience reminds me of my own. Several years ago, I wrestled with reconciling my Christianity with my interest in polyamory, and eventually succeeded.

I like the way you describe that so far "concerns or challenges... diminish and lose their choke hold as they are scrutinized....They have lost their power over me." That's what I found in my own search.

I have since left the Baptist church where I had to lead two lives, and become Unitarian Universalist (a Christian UU), where I am working to open up conversations about the religious implications of polyamory. I feel called to smooth that path for those yet to travel it. I believe it is a ministry of God.
Melissa07-16-2006 11:25 [E,W]
Thanks for writing this article, it is nice to know there are other Conservative polyfi people out there. My family is not Christian but we do not do drugs or have casual sex with people. Here in Eugene, OR the poly community in general is pretty conservative!
Alan07-16-2006 05:52 [E,W]
Welcome, welcome, and thank you for starting a much-needed discussion. I'll have more to say later, but for now I just want to say I'm glad you're here.
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