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Ken Haslam12-02-2006 12:04 [E,W]
I once learned that even the tortoise has to stick its head out to make progress.

Ken Haslam
Alan11-30-2006 19:15 [E,W]
I've heard from a lot of poly people that their fears turned out to be unjustified -- that people almost always exaggerate them because it's so easy to magnify risks in your mind.

Then again, once in a while it's real (especially if vindictive exes are looking for child-custody ammunition).
Rhianon11-30-2006 18:51 [E,W]
Chias - Well said. You know I am right there with you even though I have a very short neck...I am stretching. I am thinking about at least adding windows to my closet, what do you think?
As for AZ voting down the "marriage ban", unfortunately more and more polls are showing that they did it out of fear of losing "partnership" insurance for straight couples and had it ONLY been about "gay marriage" then it may have passed, dissappointing true but still it is causing discussion everywhere so it is still a good thing!
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