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polyamory4ever04-20-2008 04:58 [E,W]
What's up?

Thank you so much for posting this article. I wish that I had come across your piece at the time that you posted it on this website. I was like you just searching and I could not believe it when I began to fantasize and dream about this couple who I communicated with online via a forum. I had seen some documentaries about swinging so I thought that that's what I wanted. We never talked except a couple of times when the husband called to interview me for a piece he was doing on the radio. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't stop thinking and dreaming about him. And his wife was always in my fantasies too I just did not understand her presence. I knew that I wanted her there. You see, I have never felt an attraction to a woman and I could not accept my attraction to her or even begin to conceive that I could be attracted to her.
All the same, I first came upon the term on the tv show mytwocents. Thank you so much. I looked it up on the internet and found you people and I have been reading nonestop ever since. I have cried and mostly I feel relieved that I am not a pervert or a freak. Unortunately, the couple with whom I am in love refuse to respond to my emails. I no longer post anything on the forum where we met but I send them emails about my feelings and the husband wrote back 2 years ago to say that he could not believe that people could fall in love via the internet!
I am a social scientist and he is a natural scientist. Go figure.
I know almost nothing about the wife except for what she has written on teh forum. I feel so lost and sad about the whole thing. I wish that I could stop loving them. I have never really felt that way.
Thank you so much for being so honest and candid about your feelings and your situation.
lindy 11-10-2006 17:57 [E,W]
i am always here for you my friend. i love you.
The Laundry Goddess11-10-2006 14:41 [E,W]
Rhianon, I can totally relate to your discovery and your quest to be true to yourself. Although my past situation differs from yours, the path to self awareness is very similar. May you find peace on your journey.

~The Laundry Goddess
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