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Chel10-10-2006 15:08 [E,W]
Big Hugs ----- love ya and think of you often --- very powerful words and I thank you for them --- You have been so insightful for me; Shout it from the rooftop and don't ever doubt that your words and experiences are valuable to others!
alan10-10-2006 02:13 [E,W]
Anna, how great to have you back! And also that you're getting your self-confidence back. Don't ever doubt that you've got LOTS to offer the world by way of advice and insights. Let it shine.
Almostflyin210-09-2006 21:21 [E,W]
Yes I was there too, and Thankfully also found a therapist who had knowledge in Alt. lifestyles. ((((hugs)))))
I know everything you said from experience.
eventually it will get better, and YES I firmly believe that.
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